Pilot Reforms at SOEs Begin

Reuters: China to merge central SOE group to 100 - state media
China will continue to merge its biggest state-owned enterprise (SOE) groups and reduce their number this year to no more than 100, state media reported on Thursday.

Mergers among central government-controlled SOE conglomerates were accelerating, said Peng Huagang, deputy secretary-general of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC), state radio said.

The number of central government conglomerates, which now stands at 106, would fall to within 100 this year, Peng said.

Ten central SOEs were in active discussions to create five groups, Peng added, according to the report.
China Daily: Shake-up of SOEs set to continue, says watchdog
Officials at the watchdog said that six State companies, including China National Building Materials Group Corp, China National Materials Group Corporation Ltd, State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation and China Power Investment Corporation, are under a pilot plan for merger and acquisitions.

The number of SOEs affiliated to the central government, or the country's central SOEs, has dropped from 112 in 2015 to 105 this year, amid a government-driven reform to streamline the resources of State-owned assets.
iFeng: 国资委:国企改革试点全面铺开 试点企业名单公布
Pilot state-owned capital operating companies

Select Chengtong Group, China carried out the country's new state-owned capital operating company pilot.

State Capital Investment Corporation Pilot

Select the Shenhua Group, Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, China Minmetals, China Merchants Group, China Communications Group, Poly and other seven state-owned enterprises to develop capital investment company pilot.

Board mandate pilot

Energy conservation in China, Chinese building materials, Sinopharm, emerging Jihua Group and other pilot 4 further deepened.

Central corporate mergers and acquisitions pilot

Select China Building Materials and Materials Group, COSCO and China Shipping, China Power Investment Group and the other three countries, nuclear power business in reorganization piloted.

Central corporate disclosure pilot

Select COFCO, China Construction and other two companies launched a pilot.

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