Home Interest Mortgage Deduction Coming to China

Expected to shave 15-45% off the cost of a mortgage, though a final policy is not yet set in stone.
Jia Kang told the media: "Personal Income Tax deductible mortgage has made it clear, as progress, time to look at tax reform of the central requirements of the time is about 1 year, but this year could not keep up with the certainty that this program will be. across the country. "

Jia Kun at the forum also suggested that first-tier cities and popular second-tier cities, Nanjing, Xiamen, Hefei has been the introduction of property tax conditions. "Real estate tax difficult indeed but I think, a second-tier cities may be relatively hot first pilot through legislation after the real estate tax."

...Asia-Pacific Urban Real Estate Research Institute Xie Yifeng said, "For most people, they can save 15% - 45% of mortgage interest."
iFeng: 个税将抵扣房贷啦 以后房贷利息可省15-45%

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