Where is the Chinese Auntie Resistance in Gold?

Above $1400, give or take a few percent, a lot of aunties will hold profitable positions from 2014. The bigger gold frenzy was in early 2012 though, with prices between $1600 and $1800 an ounce.

Netease: 中国大妈苦等3年黄金终解套 分析称短期或回调
" Chinese Mother " because the price of gold in 2013 famous people, and finally ushered in the dawn, after a lapse of three years, whether they have been successfully resolved?

...2013, "Chinese Mother" because of the global gold and a generous cargo sweeping World War fame, with the recent gold prices are rising, they have to be remembered, these investors now is whether some sort of relief? Now that they are continuing to buy, or sell?

...In the domestic market in RMB-denominated gold has been rising in the background, when the "Chinese Mother" is already out of trouble?

April 12, 2013 and April 15, gold prices plummeted, from $ 1550 / ounce, dropping to $ 1321 / ounce. In particular, April 15, 2013, the international price of gold plummeted 9.27 percent, the highest in 30 years, a record single-day decline. Since then, about 300 tons of gold to be "Chinese Mother" were to buy 100 billion yuan.

How many "aunt" who is difficult to accurately calculate specific costs. But the "Beijing News" quoted Shanghai Gold Exchange statistics that in 2013 the domestic gold traded mainly in the April 22 ~ 26, when the weighted average price of gold was 292.01 yuan Zhou / g. The international market, the domestic market in RMB-denominated gold prices are now approaching 300 yuan / g high.

In this regard, analysts pointed out that relatively better if at the time of entry point, part of the "Chinese Mother" should have been back to the present. But it must be noted that many of the "Chinese Mother" is the way in the country to buy gold bullion investment, while the major gold shop in-kind investment in gold bullion is included with fee. Therefore, the "Chinese Mother" at the time of redemption have to consider this "cost." Song Yu told the "Daily News" reporter, this fee is usually about 10 yuan / gram.

Song Yu believes that the current number of such investors desire to redeem, but he personally does not recommend, "there may be short-term pullback pressure, but when the opportunity arises you can then buy a number."

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