Gold The Ultimate Trump Card in Sino-US Showdown

JRJ: 黄金才是中美对决的终极杀手锏!
The last six months, the United States has clearly to China opened his mouth blood fangs, support Tsai ruled Taiwan, the Philippines urged sudden, "the South China Sea arbitration" missile system layout Sad landing Korea, the United States' return to Asia "strategy has done real, and the formation of China's overall isolated situation (including political, military, economic, trade, finance).

South China Sea conflict, in the manufacture of a certain intensity of global panic (especially in Asia), the Sino-US showdown of the war, the United States of what's next?

Next, the United States will accelerate the TPP, disrupt China's overall economic and trade in order to isolate China trade outside the major economies;

The next step, the United States will raise interest rates continuously, uninterrupted provoke the South China Sea, East China Sea geopolitical crisis, manufactured by panic geopolitical situation, by raising interest rates further induce capital panic, pulled out of international capital and aimed at Chinese territory from China large capital, thus trying to cause the RMB exchange rate shaking crash.

You know, in half a century, what the United States relies on to dominate the world? A head, two legs. A head refers to the "democratic" soft power, two legs, one is "the United States knife" (dollars), and the other one is "American military."
The author wants a gold backed yuan to defeat the United States:
It is time to restart the gold exchange standard, it is time to fight back the full dollar arbitrage, which is not only China's demands, but the overall appeal of the world's emerging economies (emerging economies expense of resources, the environment, trade surplus earned by hard labor the United States can easily finance the balance by printing US dollars).

Unfortunately, now is not the time, and now China does not have sufficient gold reserves in July last year, I think, to RMB pegged to gold, at least need 30,000 tons of gold reserves (approximately half of the world's total gold reserves ). Once the yuan pegged to gold, the global financial and economic order, and the political order, will have been completely rewritten, imagine, if the RMB formally linked to gold, not to mention the emerging economies, the United States is a loyal ally, who also willing to use "non-anchor" dollar settlement and reserve it? - In front of the real interests of the so-called "allies" are never vulnerable!

The future of Sino-US showdown ultimate killer, not a nuclear weapon, but gold. Know this, you can understand why since last year, yellow gold grid has been up? Why China and Russia is also continuing to increase their gold?

Calm, people, gold is the ultimate trump card of the Sino-US showdown! Worthless paper money era will eventually bid farewell, the central bank increases holdings of gold, we buy gold, not one year, gold prices will hit a record high (more than 2011)! The next five years, the RMB gold standard is the ultimate trump card, may be officially launched!

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