A Shares Slide in Morning Trading

Only 140 A-shares up in the morning session, 2435 down. Shares held up until near 11 am.

There are three speculations on the drop today.

First, A Politburo meeting yesterday mentions inhibiting asset bubbles, but this news was ignored until 11 am...

iFeng: 政治局释放重磅信号:改革、楼市、股市怎么变

Second, tougher regulations on the market, again out early and ignored until 11 am...

Sina: A股降“妖”警报拉响 交易所盯盘盯得更紧了

Third, faster IPOs. There have been about 1 IPO a day since they restarted in November, but the pace is accelerating. But this story is the oldest, out yesterday...

Sina: IPO加快发行节奏的压力:有利也有弊

Maybe it is just time for a drop...

Irony of the day: a stock due to be delisted in two weeks (recently covered here) is limit up.

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