June Private Company Profit Growth Slides, Investment Recovery Delayed

anuary to June 2016, the industrial enterprises above designated size profit cumulative increase of 6.2%, the previous value of 6.4%; main business income of the cumulative increase of 3.1%, the previous value of 2.9%.

...Overall industrial production running smoothly in the second quarter, economic efficiency has declined. YoY from the profits of industrial enterprises, the benefit from the rebound in the price and supply of bulk shrinkage mining industry profitability continued to improve in the second quarter as a whole is profitable, but manufacturing and public utilities such as water and electricity gas profit growth continued to drop. Finished goods inventory from the point of view of industrial enterprises in general are still destocking, but the steel industry stocks fell year on year in absolute terms and rebound. Of particular note is that private industry growth in corporate profits continued to rise in early May, but dropped again in June, the cumulative growth rate of 8.8% over the previous value decreased by 0.6 percentage points. Constrained by lack of confidence in the future and return on investment in the doldrums, private investment has been falling rapidly from the beginning of the decline of the fastest speed in which the tertiary industry, industry will be slower compared to. If profit improvements at private industrial enterprises is not revived, pick up private investment will be more difficult.

iFeng: 6月私企利润增速年内首次回落 民间投资回暖将更困难

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