Piglet Prices Soaring in China

A government official says the spike in pork prices is a response to falling prices in the prior two years, a natural market reaction. The pork to grain price is break even at 6:1, but right now the ratio is 7.07:1.

Just three months out of the depth of the loss pig breeding industry, is to return profits to adhere to 500-800 yuan per pig farmers so far.

A suburbs of Beijing farmers told the "Daily News" reporter, compared to this time last year, a pig can profit more 400-500 dollars.

"As feed prices low for soybean meal and even reaches the low four years, some better cost control of pig farmers can achieve a profit of 1,000 yuan." China pig early warning network chief analyst Feng Yonghui told the "Daily News" reporter, "And running high pork price will last longer this time, because the loss of up to 17 months to make pigs more thorough capacity, capacity recovery takes a long time."

Domestic hog prices experienced a sustained decline in nearly two and a half since 2013, later began to rebound in late March of this year, pig grain price in early June of 6: 1 is the breakeven point.

Commerce Department data show, nearly two months, hog prices accelerated, pig grain price ratio reached 7.07: 1, the first half of the hog slaughter average price of 13.36 yuan per kilogram, up 3.3%. By the end of June, the national 300 large-scale hog farming enterprises average slaughter price of 15.29 yuan per kilogram, the lowest price point than in March rose 24.9%.

iFeng: 生猪价格加速上涨 养殖户一头猪将多赚四五百元

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