Beijing Real Estate Calm in October

More signs that the buying surge is tailing off.

iFeng: 京金九银十褪色:需求现观望二手房不温不火
In fact, Golden Week's fading color is a microcosm of Gold September Silver October, as a whole, the traditional harvest season this year, Gold September Silver October faded a lot. In the off-season is not short silver era, many developers have "received over several crop grain", "harvest" basic security, and the next to get to the more difficult situation, housing prices not in a hurry to ship. Facing jumping out of reach of luxury prices, people just need to buy a house do not worry.

Two-way supply and demand weak, so just past Golden Week, is not gold, nine silver ten gold fade significantly.

However, in the above senior real estate marketing view, so the phenomenon does not mean that the property market collapsed, and it is the new trend of the future of real estate marketing.
First-tier cities have served as leading indicators in the past and if the real estate upturn is slowing to a stall, it doesn't bode well for the third- and fourth-tier cities looking for a miracle.

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