The Perils of A-Share Investing

Shangdong Hualian Mining (600882)
is principally engaged in mining and manufacturing businesses. The Company’s main products consists of self-produced iron ore powder, imported iron ore powder and others. The Company distributes its products in Shandong Province.
Shares have been halted since May, so if you didn't sell, too bad, your iron miner from Shandong is becoming a dairy farmer in Jilin.

Xinhua: 华联矿业主营业务持续不振 跨界卖牛奶
Main iron ore mining in Shandong Hualian Mining Holdings Ltd. today announced a major asset reorganization, held investor briefings situations announcement said the company will focus on the development of the dairy industry in the future, the company will form a double main business after the reorganization common development of business models.
Capital destruction at work.

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