Henan Has the Solution to Housing Inventory: Encourage Farmers to Buy Homes

I guess they're out of ideas.
Henan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban Minister 裴志扬 steady growth in the province by the end of September, Paul situational experience exchange meeting said that to promote the purchase of farmers into the city, to expand housing consumption, government departments will complement funds from the provincial finance affordable housing projects and special awards separate part of the funds used to encourage farmers to arrange the purchase of the city, for better implementation of the policy tilt counties.

Yesterday, the Henan Chinese Commercial News reporters Cong Henan and Xing Zhujian Office learned that the provincial government intends to introduce incentive policies and support measures to promote the purchase of farmers into the city.

Encourage farmers into the city to purchase not only actively and steadily promote the new urbanization needs, but also improve farmers' living conditions, effective measures digestion housing stock.

iFeng: 政府出大招化解库存高:鼓励农民进城买房

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