Chinese Provincial GDP Exceeds National GDP By 1.9 Trillion Yuan

China's National Bureau of Statistics reports provincial GDP exceeds national GDP by 1.9 trillion yuan. That's up from 1.4 trillion yuan in Q1 and 1.3 trillion in Q2.
National Bureau of Statistics data show that the first three quarters of GDP 48.7774 trillion yuan, while the sum of the 31 provinces in the first three quarters of GDP to 50.72562 trillion yuan, exceeding the national total of up to 1.94822 trillion yuan.

Reporters combed found , in the first quarter of this year exceeded the sum of provincial GDP of about 1.4 trillion yuan nationwide, the first half of the provinces beyond the country's total GDP of more than 2.7 trillion yuan.
iFeng: 统计局:前三季度GDP各省之和超全国总数1.9万亿

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