Central Govt Planning Real Estate Bailout Policies

The central government is expected to issue a policy designed to reduce housing inventory in 2016, and the policy could land within the next few weeks. It is expected that instead of dribbling out policies as happened when slowing the price rise, the government will unleash a big bang of several policies. One is expected to be the long awaited hukou reform that will allow millions to move into the cities from the countryside (or obtain residency if already living there).

"Now the central top decision-making has been clearly put forward the request to the inventory of the property market, which means that the subsequent landing policy will be introduced as soon as possible." A source close to the Ministry of Housing, said at the same time, the current central position for the real estate market will Effect of end of the year the Central Economic Work Conference, the property market is expected next year will be more relaxed policy stance.
iFeng: 决策层释放房地产调整信号 首轮政策年底前或出台

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