Third and Fourth Tier Cities Most Likely to Benefit From Two Child Policy

Due to lower living costs, cheaper real estate and more traditional family patterns, third- and fourth-tier cities are more likely to see two-child families.

Gong Min, senior manager of Centaline Property Research Department believes that these policies of the four-tier cities the effect may be better than the first-tier cities, because they have children by the traditional complex impact, if the one-child daughter is likely to renewable, low cost of living four-tier cities improve the chances of a second child, help increase housing demand. Release the two children need to meet a number of stickers to stimulate the real economy will have some effect. But the current domestic economic situation in this part may grant powerless.
One overlooked factor is how the society has adapted to low fertility. A family meal at KFC is for 3 people.

iFeng: 全面二孩对于三四线城市房地产影响更大

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