Developers Focused on Moving Property As Sales Slow

SCMP: China developers expected to ramp efforts to meet full year sales targets
China's developers will increase project launches in the next two months, cutting prices if necessary, to hit full-year sales targets, industry analysts said.

With the year's best season ending, about half of the 30 major developers on a list by consultancy E&H Corp still had to plug a 20 per cent gap in their annual sales targets.

National inventory dropped slightly, but the speed of the decline is slowing with sales: 全国主要城市楼市库存稍降 去化仍是主基调
property market continued easing to stimulate the real estate demand accelerated release. Just last October, the nation's major urban real estate market stocks fell slightly now, to melt cycle is decreasing. Agencies believe, but inventories remain high, how to speed up "to stock" is still a major problem in some cities real estate market to face.

Sales in Beijing fell 17% in October from September, and existing home sales growth fell for the third straight month.
Chain of home network Institute data released yesterday show that in October, Beijing saw 8290 net signed new housing units, a decline of 10.4%. 3731 units of pure commercial housing turnover, a decline of 17.2%. Decline in volume and the supply of a certain relationship, Oct. pure commercial housing supply was only 1911 units, down 67.4% from September. In addition, Tongzhou restriction policy also affects the volume.

...Second-hand housing turnover also down month-on-month. Albert I love my home market Research Institute data show that in October total net signed second-hand housing Beijing to 14,382 units, fell sharply by 16.7% mom; in October I love my family reached through second-hand housing transactions, average transaction price of 39,927 yuan / square meter , was up 0.9% mom.

Albert I love my family group vice president Hu Jinghui, analysis, in October to coincide with "holiday", the total amount of transactions declined to be expected, but the cooling momentum Beijing second-hand housing transactions continues.

iFeng: 京楼市10月成交环比降17% 二手房连跌仨月

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