Lower Your 2016 GDP Targets, Provinces Will Go All Out to Increase Q4 GDP

Chinese provinces will cannibalize 2016 growth and weaken their financial positions in order to paint the tape in Q4.

In the third quarter, the economic situation analysis meeting, secretary of Fujian Provincial Committee Quan emphasized that the fourth quarter is the key to the completion of annual work objectives and tasks. First, we must speed up construction projects. Highlight the key role of investment for steady growth and seize opportunities on involving infrastructure, urban construction, industrial upgrading projects. Efforts to solve the problem of land resettlement, capital allocation, approval procedures, etc., to provide protection projects. Second, we must make great efforts to industrial restructuring and upgrading. Third, we must work hard in the market development and help businesses. Fourth, we should pay close attention to implementation of the policy. Fifth, long-term planning as early as possible. Sixth, we should effectively change the style.

Shaanxi, Hubei, Yunnan, Hebei Province government also has held executive meeting, the deployment of related work, construction of key projects. Yunnan provincial government 71st executive meeting, to strengthen their confidence and go all out sprint in the fourth quarter. To further seize the key, focused, solid grasp of fixed asset investment, industrial restructuring and upgrading, poverty alleviation and development, urbanization, deepening reform, innovation and entrepreneurship, etc., for the completion of tasks throughout the year to lay a better foundation. We should implement the policy measures as a "military order" and iron discipline to ensure steady growth in the full implementation of all policies and measures in place.

Shaanxi Provincial Government 16th executive meeting stressed the need to fully sort out the construction, the proposed focus of the project, and strive in the fourth quarter fixed asset investment growth has a new jump. To fully combing disbursement of funds usage, never allow financial funds and government bonds "to sleep."

One might of this "great battle" approach has doubts, but in the short term, this approach will undoubtedly contribute to economic stabilization. Guo Lei, Founder Securities chief macroeconomic analyst believes that expenditure data, the local financial force has signs, which can be seen throughout the third quarter economic performance data from. The fastest economic growth in the first three quarters of Chongqing, an increase of the general public budget expenditure reached 15.7 percent. Guizhou in the first three quarters of investment grew by 22.4%, among the top in the provinces, the general public budget expenditures increased by 13.1%.

Given the variety of signs that the economy may pick up phased, CICC latest report raised China's economic growth this year and next is expected to speed. The agency is expected, two of China's economic reform has made the future possible substantive progress, economic growth is likely to slow down after six consecutive years of stabilization. The report is expected in the fourth quarter GDP growth was flat in the third quarter, is still 6.9%, and China's GDP growth next year is expected to increase 0.1 and 0.2 percentage point to 6.9% and 6.8%, respectively, the growth rate is expected in 2017 and 2016 In flat.

Dayoo: 多地部署项目冲刺4季度GDP

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