German Elections: AfD Knocks Out SPD in Saxony, Greens Win Big in Baden

The more left- and roght-wing parties won big in Sunday's state elections.

DW: German state elections: Success for right-wing AfD, losses for Merkel's CDU
According to exit polls the AfD won 23 percent in the eastern German state of Saxony-Anhalt, making it the second largest party after the ruling CDU, which managed to win 29 percent. The SPD meanwhile seems to have been dwarfed to around eleven percent, behind the Left Party which is estimated to have won around 17 per cent.

...According to early figures in Baden-Württemberg the ruling Green Party gained a substantial 32 percent, while the CDU, which ruled the state for almost six decades until 2011, lost a dramatic 11 percent bringing it out to 27.5 percent. The AfD also managed to win 13.1 percent in this state putting in third place before the SPD, currently the junior coalition partner in government, which fell to 13 percent (from 23) in 2011.

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