Afterlife Housing Gets Expensive Too: Beijingers Snap Up Hebei Cemetery Plots

Qingming, in some surrounding areas in Beijing and Shanghai, the former cemetery crowded with vehicles in Beijing and Shanghai. Someone says, "was born in Beijing, and was buried in Hebei; born in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang in the funeral", Hebei and Jiangsu and Zhejiang in the "off-site tomb" favored to become the ring cities "remote tomb," notes the rise of reality. This phenomenon is driven cost or other reasons? Just how Chinese cities funeral costs high? "China Network in" this reporter conducted a survey.

...Hebei Mountain pagoda cemetery just over 50 kilometers away from Beijing, a staff member surnamed Chen introduced since the beginning of 2013 foreign sales, the cemetery more than 80% of customers are from Beijing, many customers say, where "cost-effective." According to its introduction, the price of cemetery tomb doubled from one square meter price of 16,500 yuan to more than two square meters priced at 80,000 yuan range. "The most expensive 9500 yuan last year, by many customers from Beijing looted."

...It is understood that Beijing can provide a small section to the tomb of the price between 2000-9800 yuan, three-dimensional burial, tree burial, funeral flowers, lawn burial, while providing only a few hundred charges yuan and the free spread scattered ashes buried deep and other services. However, for the pursuit of the traditional way of two people buried in the tomb is about 10,000 yuan in Hebei, in Beijing is difficult to find suitable conventional grave.

Around Shanghai, Suzhou, Jiashan and other places, prices generally double cave tomb at around 30,000 to 40,000 yuan, representing Shanghai cemetery price has obvious advantages, but also some of the cemetery for the residents of Shanghai opened a sales and grave shuttle bus.

Reporters found that, compared to the surrounding cities, Beijing, Shanghai and other large cities to buy land policy and policy limits more stringent graves, so the "big tomb monument," "living tomb" and similar needs are not met, but also an important factor "place-tomb" rise.

Although state regulations banned "living tomb" sales, but cemetery Mountain Pagoda staff member surnamed Chen admitted that there are many customers who bought the cemetery is the grave "life points", that is, during his lifetime purchase. It is understood that out of a total of more than 30,000 sets of cemetery monument, has sold about 10,000 units.
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Removing the concept of factors, the price is still to make mega-cities residents to choose burial places and fundamental factors. Just how Chinese cities funeral costs high?

From the A shares, H shares listed company earnings data show that: with cemetery graveyard H-share listed companies Fushouyuan Group (1448) in 2015 showed a profit in Shanghai, Henan, Shandong, Liaoning, Anhui and other provinces in 2015 tomb Fushouyuan average sale price of about 80,211 yuan RMB per seat, far more than the price per square meter in 2015 in Shanghai new residential average selling price of 21,501 yuan per square meter. The average selling price of this cemetery Bespoke Art tomb is as high as 296,227 yuan.

Buried in megacities expensive, places surrounding the tomb is not cheap. According to Reporters Fortune Ng Fung released 2015 earnings estimates, the average price pagoda grave cemetery sells for more than 48,000 yuan.

"Chinese Funeral Development Report (2014-2015)" shows that Beijing residents burial average consumption of 70,000 yuan. This means that even without the addition of life cycle considerations, the middle level of the average price per square meter cemetery has also been much higher than the same area Rate bit. The report issued on more than 400 consumer survey shows that 92% of consumers believe that the cemetery is too expensive.

Similar and Beijing, according to data provided by industry sources, the median level of consumption Shanghai operating cemetery in the 60,000 to 70,000 yuan.

...The reporter learned that many large cities are no new burial land plan, which means that if there is no more land for burial and funeral culture mode, metropolitan cemetery shortage will be further intensified.

"Chinese Funeral Development Report (2014-2015)" shows that the existing grave in most cities will be exhausted in 10 years.
China has an answer for high costs and lack of space in the city: recycled graves and joint interment to increase gave utilization rates.
Ministry of Civil Affairs and other nine ministries in February this year published "Guidance on the implementation of land ecological burial" clear, "and actively promote recycling graves," "encourage family members to use a single tomb buried ways to enhance utilization rates."

iFeng: 环大城市墓:河北墓地每平米9500被北京人抢光

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