A First: Chinese TV to Portray CCP Official in Bad Light

Chinese TV always portrays the cops and officials as good guys, but times change.
Guardian: Chinese corruption gets House of Cards treatment with Communist mini-series
Xi Jinping’s bid to root out corruption from the 88m-member Communist party is to get the Netflix treatment after Beijing commissioned a £12.7m television drama celebrating the Chinese president’s campaign.

In the Name of the People - a 42-part series being bankrolled by China’s top law enforcement agency - is scheduled for broadcast later this year and will reportedly be the first series in which one of the party’s most senior leaders is portrayed as a villain.

The state-sanctioned drama follows the adventures of Hou Liangping, a dashing government investigator played by television heartthrob Lu Yi, as he travels to a fictitious Chinese province called Bianxi to investigate a murder.

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