Real Estate Buyers Wade into Beijing's Hutongs

EO: 300万北京二环内能买到地?揭开隐秘的胡同土地市场
Beijing within the second ring to be able to buy it? Even developers who believe in magic will tell you, it is impossible! But someone did.

Recently, the Beijing Municipal Land Resources Bureau official website disclosure, Xicheng District No. 1 Tongguang Hutong urban residential land project site was sold to a natural person named Wang Jun. Independent piece of land planning construction area of ​​99 square meters, the volume rate of 0.59, to sell a total price of 3.031 million yuan, equivalent to the floor price of 30,600 yuan / square meter.

Judging from the transaction price, which more than 17 days before the Beijing six-ring next to a piece of land in Changping District, the new film is also cheaper by nearly 5,000 yuan / square meter. This is Beijing hot land market transactions in the formation of a huge contrast to the current high price threshold giants are so many developers of land in Beijing prohibitive.

It is worth mentioning that this open land transactions is limited to the land, not housing. But Tongguang Hutong 1 block houses are still there. Before the deadline, the Economic Observer newspaper reporter did not verify the existence of the relationship between the trading house and Wang Jun, the original owner.

The Economic Observer newspaper reporters found that, like the case of such Tongguang Hutong plots purchased by individuals No. 1 is not isolated cases. Over the past few years, after a similar land transfer, a lot has been converted into a private club. But after 2014, this situation is gradually reduced, but recently seems to have appeared in a wave of resurgence.

...Due to the scarcity of lots located in the Financial Street, near the Tongguang Hutong prices have been as high as 180,000 yuan / square meter. In floor price 30,600 yuan / square meter transaction, copper light alley No. 1 natural land surrounding residents became enthusiastic conversation.
In the area discussed, hutong purchases are being turned into private clubs:
Li saw the business opportunities, and a 10% service charge in accordance with the land transfer. "Our company is a one-stop service, in addition to helping individuals acquire plots, also provide post-conversion design, construction, renovation services."

"From the perspective of living in these places and the surrounding environment is not good, parking is also very inconvenient, is not a good residence, but it is suitable to do one thing, is to build a private club, in addition, the land is allowed to dig basement, ground do clubs, doing underground wine cellar. "Li said.

It is reported that Li received a number of private buy land intermediary business in 2008 to 2014, "80% of customers after the acquisition of land is to build a private club," but because after 2014, the state has adopted policies to private clubs Charles is very strict, club operations fades Li also affected business.

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