Existing Home Sellers Outnumber Buyers in Beijing

Sellers fear the buying wave is coming to an end and are more anxious, while buyers seem to agree as they are not worried about grabbing whatever is available.
"Well you see, most recently sellers are anxious, buyers aren't worried, sellers are worried the buying wave has passed."
Where property owners were holding and renting before, they are now more willing to sell:
"I'm here to rent for five years, the rent rose from 3800 yuan 6300 yuan, has not heard of anyone selling, but the past six months I have heard three selling, my landlord relented." Ms. Fan suddenly I realized that the building landlord recently selling more.
The areas with good school districts are expensive, as in $21,000 a square meter:
Ms. Fan district of Beijing rented two small experimental school district room. "Apartment is not large, the majority of more than 50 square meters of small Futai, I heard that now can be sold for 140,000 yuan a square meter, a suite can sell more than 7 million, even if the rent 6500 yuan, rent for 100 years will never make back that price. "Ms. Fan one afterwards, focused on the building landlord Sellers can understand.
Another example of sellers looking for buyers:
"Yuxiang school district room, the only shelter for five years with a quota, account ready to move out, 97 square meters, offer 9.6 million yuan to talk about." Not long ago, Ms. Gao micro letter received intermediary such a "high school district room" advertisements, the agency also reminded her that recently, selling children here though a lot of homeowners, but basically fifty or sixty square meters of small units, so South transparent, floors and nice big house out of room rarely.

"I do not think this is how scarce listings, recently, I've got several such high-quality housing information." Ms. Gao said lightly.
Data reflects a slowdown in buying:
Monitoring data link portion of the market research show that in April the city's second-hand residential net signed volume fell 17.6% MoM. Among them, the Dongcheng, Xicheng, Chaoyang, Haidian, Tongzhou District, Changping District, Shunyi District, Daxing District, the chain fell more than 20%. Shijingshan District decline of 14.9%, a decline of 3.7% in Mentougou. Fangshan District, BDA, Fengtai District, turnover rose slightly, up respectively 2.9%, 5.5% and 6.5%.
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