More on Helan County Housing Excess

Ningxia Housing Inventory Woes
Today, there is 6.7 million square meters of inventory for 240,000 residents (28 square meters per resident). Prices are down 25% over the past three years and some existing homes are selling for less than 2000 yuan per square meter. There are "zero down payment" and even "zero rent" homes because there are so many empty properties.

Real estate was the source of the economy's prosperity:
More than 50 real estate companies came to Helan County, the new annual construction area for five consecutive years over 1.5 million square meters, Helan County now can be said is a very modern new city. Hot property market has attracted Shaanxi, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, home buyers, a time migrants in Helan County, more than half of the purchase.

"Bursting with popularity, every time I come back by train from his home, sitting in the car full of Helan County to work, business people. Here they have the confidence to feel just what a can make money." Helan County real estate sales in the nine years of Shanxi room Huafeng said. Although the first and second industry is not developed, but the real estate industry to Helan County brought considerable revenue to make Helan County, among the "Top 100 Western counties."
iFeng: 西部县城曝楼市隐患:人口24万小县库存670万平

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