Hebei Orders Steel Production Cuts, Mills Under 24 Hr Surveillance

Xinhua News Agency, Shijiazhuang, May 26 (Reporter Wang Min) - 26 meeting Hebei coal to steel production campaign of mobilization, the provincial government and relevant city departments, enterprises signed letters of responsibility, set a military order, this year's 17.26 million tons refining Yajian iron and steel production capacity of 14.22 million tons.
The government is serious this time because according to the article, a mill in Handan is under 24 hr surveillance to be sure it does not restart a shuttered blast furnace:
Currently, equipment with 1.18 million tons production capacity have been sealed for storage in Handan, under 24-hour strict supervision, resolutely put an end to the resurgence of production.
CSJ: 河北立下军令状:今年压减1726万吨炼铁、1422万吨炼钢产能

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