Land Finance Win: Villagers Set to Clear $1 Million Each

Chancheng district in Foshan, Guangdong is set to make its residents rich on 2.3 billion yuan of land sales. This isn't the first case of a village becoming wealthy on land sales. One case was Tengchong in Yunnan last year.

Villagers in Tengchong benefit from land sale
While promised returns of 3.6million Yuan each, the allocation has not met expectations, being divided instead so that the elderly receive 3 shares, middle-aged people 2 shares, and 1 share for young people according to the points system being used.

A typical example for a family in Tengchong, with a grandmother, father, mother the total comes to approximately 1,200,000 Yuan
The villagers in Chancheng are expected to net as much as 8 million yuan per household, assuming they have 5 share of the village cooperative stock.

iFeng: 土地经济的受益群体:土豪村卖地收入23亿多

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