Li Xunlei: Equity, Housing, Forex Market Correction Will Create Systematic Risk

iFeng: 李迅雷:股市、房市、汇市短期回归市场将引发危机
As mentioned in the stock market pundits say, the housing market, foreign exchange market to return to the primitive point of view, I think that the direction is right, but it should be a long-term goal, in the short term if the return to primitive, it may be caused by bubble generation system risk.
He's referencing the "authoritative person" who said these markets shouldn't be used as a policy tool.

People's Daily: China's economy to follow "L-shaped" trajectory for foreseeable future
The stock market, foreign exchange market and real estate market should return to their respective functions instead of being used at means of maintaining economic growth, the source said.

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