Portland, Maine Baizuo Raise Property Taxes 4.8pc to Fund Illegal Alien Housing

The chickens are coming home to roost on all the open border enablers who like to virtue signal their love for illegal aliens while passing on the cost to the federal or state taxpayer. The USA is going into a recession with high interest rates, which will crush deficit spending. The real staggering cost of these policies is going to cripple local governments and hammer their citizens when they can least afford it:

WGME: Portland residents share mixed emotions on rise in taxes to help asylum seekers, homeless

Last year, families with a $400,000 home paid about $5,200 in property taxes.

With this new increase, it'll be around $5,550 for that same home.

That's an increase of about $350.

Portland’s finance director says without federal help, it will cost the city $9 million to house hundreds of asylum seekers and people experiencing homelessness.

Wait until people start losing their jobs and risk losing their homes for unpaid property tax bills that are rising to give free homes to illegal aliens. (Don't buy the asylum seeker bullshit.)
To pay that $9 million, he says the city council would have to raise property taxes by 4.8 percent, which is exactly what they did Monday night.

With inflation up more than 8 percent, Mainers are now paying record-high prices for food, gasoline, utilities and more.

Despite that, the Portland City Council approved a 4.8 percent property tax increase for the fiscal year starting in July.

"We realize that people are feeling it at the gas pump, at the grocery store,” Portland Mayor Kate Snyder said. “Inflation is real, and it's real here for the City of Portland, too, as we look to retain employees. Costs of everything has gone up. So, these are difficult times."

For you peasant!
The city's new $269 million budget is up nearly 27 percent over last year, largely due to inflation and the cost of housing about 1,200 asylum-seekers and 500 people experiencing homelessness.
This last bit takes the cake:
Portland has called on the governor to create a state-level homelessness task force to make the crisis more of a statewide issue and less of a Portland issue.
"Help us pay for our stupid mistakes."

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