Buying Restriction Rumors in Yanjiao

Since the "Gallery nine" Implementation Yanjiao property market fell into silence, but last month Yanjiao second-hand housing market transactions hot, Yanjiao on the purchase of second-hand housing policy came again. Yesterday, there was news that starting from July 7, Sanhe City, second-hand housing will be the purchase of non-local residence households purchase housing units and the buyers down payment ratio of not less than 30%, the purchase of test run for a week. Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporters Cong Duo and Jia Dangde at the agency confirmed the rumors. Insiders said the Yanjiao secondary housing market restriction and "Gallery nine" consistent content, revisit aims to further implement the restriction policy, curb investment demand, while second-hand housing market will usher in Yanjiao trading window period.
iFeng: 限购传闻再起 环京楼市二手房迎买卖窗口期

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Yanjiao, which literally means suburbs of Beijing, is a town under the administration of Sanhe city in Hebei province. It’s located about 35 kilometers east of the Capital’s city center. The town is home to half a million people.

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