China Slows Wage Growth

Chinese provinces are cutting wage guidance this year.
Why publish enterprise wage guidelines?

Posted enterprise wage guidelines, in addition to allow enterprises and workers to understand the macroeconomic situation and the national macro-control policy orientation to guide enterprises to carry out a reasonable wage distribution, reasonable arrangements other than increases in wages, but also business with both workers in collective wage negotiations to determine wage levels provided Reference. State-owned enterprises is also an important means to achieve the total wage management.

Wage increase guideline mostly flat or down

Reporters combed found that compared with 2015, these areas this year, wage growth guidance line business, mostly flat or down.

The reference line, for example, reference lines in these areas are less than 10%, and compared with 2015 levels, has declined. For example, Beijing from 10.5% down to 9% from 10% in Tianjin dropped 9%, from 10% in Yunnan dropped 8%.

Yunnan Provincial People and Social Council Chamber in 2016 enterprise wage guidelines related policy interpretation stated that appropriate guidance wage growth down the line, in harmony with the macroeconomic situation in Yunnan Province. Yunnan large business situation and development pressures will continue, appropriately reduced wage growth guideline, in line with the actual economic situation of enterprises in Yunnan Province.

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, director of Population and Labor Economics Zhang car Wei had said in an interview with reporters that, in the current economy has entered a new normal, business development faces multiple pressures, the tax burden should vigorously for enterprises to enhance their up space and power of wages.
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