Credit Check: Some Beijing Banks Pumping Out Home Loans in 7 Days

Some Beijing banks are processing mortgages in as little as 7 days.

Beijing will be able to mortgage lenders fastest 7 days

Societe Generale Securities recently released bank mortgage market tracking periodic report, the third week of August, Beijing first set of home loan rates below the benchmark rate there is 29, one higher than the benchmark interest rate; wherein the lowest Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and HSBC, 0.8 times the benchmark interest rate, Minsheng Bank quality customers may be given 83% discount, up to Huaxia Bank, 1.1 times the benchmark interest rate, the average is 0.86 times the benchmark rate. Compared to the second week of August, Beijing has raised interest rates four banks, two banks lowered interest rates, banks generally processing time of 5-10 days, the shortest of just two days, lenders time is generally 15-40 days, the shortest only takes seven days.
No need to spend a long time checking credit since there's low risk:
Since the individual mortgage NPL ratio has been very low, so in the eyes of the bank, the risk of individual housing loans is not significant. In the current second-tier cities housing prices soared, buyers enthusiasm of the moment, some industry insiders believe that the need to guard against systemic risk mortgages.

"Individual risk mortgage is small, the overall default rate of China's banking sector loans, non-performing rate relatively low. However, if the economy continues downward, the emergence of the real estate market collapse, that is, systemic risk." Merchants Bank Vice President Liu Jianjun in the recently held 2016 interim results thematic investor exchanges said.
China News: 北京房贷最快7天就能放款 买房人贷款可以挑肥拣瘦

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