Chinese Homes and American Stocks Topping

From zero down payment in America, to down payment loans in China, and now negative down payments in Hong Kong. The end stage of the bubble is underway. There isn't anything new in the article, it mainly discusses negative down payment loans in Hong Kong (LTV above 100 percent) and then some commentary on the corporate real estate battles over Vanke. I'm posting it because it closes by calling for a top in the market and was the top headline in the iFeng real estate section.
"Zero down payment" I heard, is an American invention, and finally led to the subprime crisis, which became the 2008 global financial crisis. "Down payment loans" I have heard, is a Chinese invention, the initiator in Shenzhen, is actually a mutation of Internet P2P lending, and as expected was cracked down on by government. "Negative down payment" is the latest innovation, created by Hong Kong people for Chinese people, in fact, it combines the old and new mortgage, the loan amount can exceed the new valuation price, and finally what kind of results, and now I do not know, but one thing is certain, and that you do not want to break the bubble, because if broken the bank will face a bloodbath.

"Negative down payment," the news impact is large enough...many people worried that this is the signal that Hong Kong's property market bubble has burst, Hong Kong's property prices this year has dropped by 9%, not far from estimates of a 15% drop. Sun Hung Kai Properties up for sale for the last 100 units of real estate, such inventions "-20% down payment"
SCMP provides a clear descrition of what he's talking about: Sun Hung Kai Properties offering loans worth 120pc of flat value to boost sales of Yuen Long project
Buyers of SHKP’s Park Yoho Venezia who opt for the “King’s Key 120” scheme will receive a three-year financing loan up to 120 per cent of the flat’s value, much higher than the standard bank mortgage ceiling of 60 per cent for flats below HK$10 million, and 50 per cent for those more than HK$10 million.
The offer only applies to buyers who already own an apartment with value no less than 70 per cent of the would-be purchase price of the Park Yoho Venezia flat. The loans would be provided by SHKP’s finance company which is not subject to regulatory supervision by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA). Buyers are only required to pay interest in the first year but must begin repaying interest and principal from the second year.
Back to the iFeng article:
Hong Kong housing prices will affect the current trend in the mainland, creating a conduction effect, should arouse attention, of course, the property market and the stock market will produce seesaw effect is more worthy of our attention.

...US stock market, China's housing market, very likely have reached the peak.
iFeng: 从“零首付”到“负首付” 房价的泡沫眼看就要破

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