More On Peasants Refusing to Move to Cities

One theme this year and last has been the failure of the urbanization strategy in China. First, the population growth has ended and particularly among the younger demographic most likely to relocate. One city's gain is another's pain. Second, the migrant population also stopped growing and is rapidly aging too. Third, rural people don't want to leave. Fourth, there are benefits to having a rural hukou, such as land rights. On that last score, the government recently made having a rural hukou even more attractive: China Encourages De-Urbanization With Ag Subsidies, Offers More Benefits to Counteract

Regarding this latest development, iFeng has an article detailing the rise in value of rural hukous, and which areas will benefit the most from recent rule changes. Another factor introduced is a new trend in China, the desire for city folk to return to their roots:
In recent years, not only farmers unwilling to give up their rural household, but also there are some who think of leaving the city for the countryside. Worthy of our attention is that the current three forces China to promote economic and social development of the countryside is worth appreciation. One emerging green consumption and cultural consumption, so that the unique rural mountains, organic ecological food, value local culture, more and more urban middle-income group consumers. In this new consumer driven to the farmhouse for the new form of rural tourism in the ascendant, it has great potential. Second, the emerging Internet, narrowing the gap between urban and rural areas in the information. Rural electricity suppliers that were previously difficult to enter the rural market local products, rural handicraft products into the consumer market in the city for the rural industry development has brought new hope. Third, with the gradual increase in the value of the countryside, the new batch of Xian return home is becoming the backbone of the rural cultural renaissance, in their role of rural cultural values ​​are being creative resurrection, the value of rural self-identity also appeared to pick up.
With new policies promoting agriculture and new financing rules to benefit farmers and rural land holders, the net effect is to make rural hukous marginally more attractive, throwing a spanner into the urbanization effort.

iFeng: 农民户口升值才刚开始!未来这些领域有暴富机会

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