Shenzhen Apartments 100K Per SQM, Offices 60K

Shenzhen housing prices went through several rounds of inflation, the number of institutional investors found an interesting phenomenon: Many Shenzhen housing prices are now more than 100,000 yuan / square meter, the average price of office space was less than 60,000 yuan / square meters.
Home prices are the highest in China, but office space sells at a one-third discount to Beijing:
Market data show that last year the average new home prices in Shenzhen over half, but the average price of office space rose only one percent more; although prices ranks first in the country, Shenzhen Grade A office rents levels were only 65 percent of Beijing and Shanghai, and 69 percent.

Jones Lang LaSalle director, general manager of Shenzhen Xia Chunyi believe Shenzhen office market has a strong potential to fundamentals, high rents and asset appreciation, therefore, following Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen domestic large sums of money pouring into the office market.

EO: 深圳房价已涨至10万/平,均价不到6万的写字楼该不该投资?

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