Real Estate Investors Sidelined as Beijing Price Rise Freezes Market

Prices are still rising in Beijing, causing investors to exit the market. An anecdote from Tongzhou:
Mr. Zhao recently invested in real estate in Beijing plan failed. A month ago, after repeated comparison, he took a fancy to a residential villa projects in Tongzhou, want sell investments. He said the sale was to the total price of about 500 yuan / sets, corresponding to the total price of 2.5 million yuan down payment, in Mr. Zhao's budget. However, waiting for the opening of this month, the project is expected to open in the constant price adjustments, sales revealed to him the price higher than before. According to Mr. Zhao the configuration he saw has a current sale price of more than 8 million yuan, even counting some of the first opening variety of benefits, the total price is certainly more than 6 million yuan.

Faced with the possible opening price, Mr. Zhao counted, calculated or beyond his investment plans. He said he wanted to buy a commercial product, down more than 50%, such a substantial price increase, the first payment would rise a lot. In addition, he can only borrow for 10 years, higher interest rates, the monthly burden will be on for a lot more. While part of his hand holding cash, also want to invest in real estate hedge against inflation, but at this stage he can not afford to invest.

Mr. Zhao is has a similar experience with a lot of investors in Beijing, increasing the value of the investment to buy a house is their consensus, but there's a mismatch between investment capital and the price level in Beijing. According to the Central Plains real estate market research statistics, from the beginning of the second quarter of 2016, Beijing commercial residential average tranaction price is 5.0 million, into the era of the comprehensive high-end luxury. From the 2-3 quarter, the average turnover reached 5.5 million yuan, while only 4.5 million yuan in the first quarter, inside the 5th rings a single ordinary commercial home average first time in history exceeded 10 million, suburban housing unit price stood the 4 million mark.
iFeng: 投资客出走热点楼市:不是不想投 是投不动了

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