HFIG Related Trust Has Repaid 300K of 59.6M

HFIG is the state-owned credit guarantee firm that went bust in April 2015. The fallout continues for Chongqing's largest P2P investment platform.
August, Yijiu Financial related parties told the 21st Century Business Herald reporter, HFIG investment projects involving the principal events of default 59.6 million yuan, as of now, only the return of Hebei food company Jia Sijia 100,000 yuan and Hebei Tiancheng Fairview hotel management company returned 230,000 yuan interest.
Hebei government has yet to settle the matter:
21st Century Business Herald reporter learned that, in early August, Chen Lin Yi nine finance charge and investors went Shijiazhuang recover debt, met with HebeiSASAC , Hebei responsible financial investment and corporate borrowers. Hebei SASAC leaders said to them, the Hebei provincial government attaches great importance to the financial investment event, the month, the Hebei provincial government may convene a meeting to vote on Hebei Financial risk management work.

However, as of press time reporter, the news has not been confirmed by the government of Hebei Province.
No worries though. The government says the company cannot and will not go bankrupt:
August 9, Hebei financial investment responsible person also easy to nine financial managers and investors, said: "Hebei Investment Guarantee Financial responsibility for their security are recognized, but currently there is no compensatory capacity still suspended compensatory state, in strict accordance with the unified deployment of further government action; but overall normal operation, it does not and can not go bankrupt."

However, financial investment Hebei responsible person did not respond to 21st Century Business Herald reporter's interview request.
Unfortunately, you can't take that guarantee to the bank.
Sina: 易九金融河北融投担保项目违约:借款企业仅还33万本息

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