Chinese Most Dangerous Real Estate: Commercial and Office

"Office" and "commercial space" has been a huge risk, for three main reasons:

First, a few years ago residential restriction, the developers came up with a large number of commercial office space, far beyond the city needs.

Second, the Internet shops deconstructed needs and values, a lot of "bags consumption" (such as clothing and shoes, small appliances, etc.) moved to the Internet, with the exception of the consumption of fresh and experiential consumption (such as movie theaters, skating rinks, game room, training).

Third, most cities to allow registration of the company in the residential or office building, which continues to divert demand for pure office space.

In short, the "office" and "commercial space" has become the most dangerous propertyin Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, not only with the price of office buildings topsy-turvy like houses, even small shops are following high-end residential prices. We can only sigh: the world is changing too fast!
iFeng: 央行数据揭秘房价大涨“真凶”这两类房别碰

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