Major Banks First Half 2016 NPLs By Region

Sina: 银行不良观察:区域风险加速暴露 招行63%增量集中西部
 In addition, some of the listed banks, the NPL increment western region more risk from the coastal regions to show trends in the spread of the Midwest.

  For example, the end of the reporting period, CITIC Bank non-performing loans are mainly concentrated in the Bohai Sea, Yangtze River Delta and the central region, non-performing loans totaled 25.9 billion yuan, accounting for 67.25%. From the NPL increment, the largest increase in the central region, 34.33 million and the NPL ratio increased by 0.83 percentage points; followed by the western region increased by 1.268 billion yuan, non-performing loan ratio rose by 0.27 percentage points.

  CITIC Bank analyzed the central and western regions increased NPLs main reasons: First, the industrial structure is relatively backward western regions, industry overcapacity concentrated, to productivity, to inventory and other supply-side structural reform policies accelerated the credit risk exposure ; the second is the risk of spread from coastal areas to central and western regions, central and western regions weak anti-risk ability of small and medium enterprises, credit risk increased during the economic downturn.

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