More Warnings of a Housing Turn

The latest article the housing market in the hot second-tier markets of Xiamen, Suzhou, Nanjing and Hangzhou have turned.
According to Wind data show that from March and April began, Hangzhou , Nanjing , Suzhou , Xiamen and other second-tier cities into the hot cooling mode, and the decline significantly exceeded the market average. The end of July this year, the monthly volume decline of these cities is generally higher than the points dropped by more than two to three percent, Xiamen property market turnover decline is as high as 64%.

Data show that Xiamen commercial housing transaction sets the stage reached 8566 sets small peak in April 2016 after they presented cliff-style decline. July Transacted commercial housing units in 3097, compared with April fell 64%.
Hangzhou commercial housing Transacted peak appeared in March this year, the month a total turnover of commercial housing 28012 sets of Hangzhou, but then, its turnover level all the way down, until July, Hangzhou commercial housing Transacted down to 20734 units, a decline of 26%.
Nanjing property market turnover highs in May this year, the commercial housing Transacted 16868 sets, to July, Transacted decreased to 13347 units, down about 21% from the peak.
Suzhou property market turnover reached a peak in April this year, the volume all the way down after the "limit order" issued. Not only the volume of commercial housing for three consecutive months of decline, the market volume has been significantly reduced. Suzhou property market reduces the volume of commercial housing 1311 units, fell 19.95% from June, the total area turnover decreased 127,537 square meters, down 17.01%.
iFeng: 楼市疯狂即将结束?权威数据:这些城市拐点来了

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