Gold Bull Market Just Beginning

A translated version of this article was a top headline at iFeng: 外媒:黄金市场将迎来一场风暴 规模可能超过眼前危机
FT: The victory for gold bulls is only just beginning
Over the past few years we have witnessed the first stage of Gresham’s law whereby “bad money displaces good money”, and are now at the early stages of the second and final phase, whereby “good money displaces bad money”.

Gold and the US dollar are best placed to play the role of good money, which could result in a substantial appreciation against the bad money currencies. But inability or unwillingness of the US to normalise its monetary policy leaves the door wide open for gold to retake its reserve currency status and put an end to the monetary supercycle that started in 1971 with the end of Bretton Woods. It’s a period that has seen the outstanding volume of paper money grow disproportionately relative to the amount of gold that once upon a time backed it.

Another translated article was Best Countries To Store Gold (How Did America, A Serial Defaulter, Make The Cut?)

The iFeng headline notes China didn't make the cut, though doesn't give the obvious reason: you can't take the gold out. 国际投资者把黄金存在哪些国家最放心?中国未能上榜

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