Beijing Suburban Prices Clear 4万 per SQM

Up, up, and away.

Average price in the Beijing suburbs is now 40,000 yuan /sqm with the average home price at 5.5 million yuan.

iFeng: 京郊多地房价每平米破4万 单套房平均总价550万

Related: Beijing sells only 1 plot of land in July.

iFeng: 7月北京住宅土地供应成交“挂零” 历史罕见
In July, Beijing city's new land supply only one, namely, Fangshan District GongChen street FS00-LX07-0097 land belonging B4 comprehensive commercial financial services sites, at the same time, Beijing residential land supply has for March zero. Also last month, in terms of land transactions, Beijing only one turnover, ie Town, Tongzhou District, Beijing, Zhangjiawan town, Liyuan Town, F3 other kind of multifunctional land, B31 and recreational purposes, B4 integrated financial services business industry, land, B14 hostel sites, S41 and U12-powered public parking space land and residential land has emerged this year, the fourth month zero turnover. Cause I love my family group vice president Hu Jinghui said that at present, the supply of residential land in Beijing, trading volume has entered the historical low, the supply of the same month, the situation is all zeros volume in the history of Chinese real estate is very rare. "Beijing market for the development of land will be less and less, and increasingly suburban, land supply and turnover market become more and more major general property market norm." Industry experts also believe that efforts to control the supply of local land departments rhythm, more cautious residential land deal more common.

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