Private Developers Overtake SOEs in Land Purchases

SOEs hunting for "good" asses and without a care for profitability are being replaced by private developers in the land market, resulting in a return to profit motive and rational prices.
"Before all state-owned enterprises to take the high ground, recently turned into a private" Housing prices listed a responsible person to the 21st Century Business Herald said that overall, the state-owned enterprises to private financial strength, to get to their behavior often with state-owned assets of the "nature" has a certain nature of the case. Private behavior is often represents the judgment of the market, having a general reference value.

...This may be true. Earlier this year had frequently get to Cinda, Gezhouba and other central enterprises, the recent action has slowed down significantly. To include new blood "Lord" Rongxin winner included, private enterprises have become the protagonist of the land market.
iFeng: 全国楼市收紧政策“箭在弦上” 这几城已有强烈预期

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