Chinese Land Finance Rises 100 Times in 20 Years

China's land transfers raised 42 billion yuan in 1995 and more than 4 trillion yuan in 2015. This year is again expected to see a total above 4 trillion with second half land sales expected to outpace the first half.
1995 National Land transfer income is 42 billion yuan in 2014 land sales reached a record of 4.29 trillion yuan.

If local governments have seen a business, then the viability of this enterprise looks quite strong.

...The latest data show that the first half of the national land area of ​​91,500 hectares in 2016, an increase of 0.1%. Land transfer contracted cost of 1.32 trillion yuan, an increase of 24.8%.

On this basis, the national income per hectare of land transfer is about 14.42 million yuan, compared to 3.553 million yuan in 2005, per hectare, the former is four times the latter.

In general, the second half of the land revenue would be twice in the first half, with the current real estate market situation, the author expects this year's revenue is expected to land again over 4 trillion yuan.

Looking back, this is a kind of land-era.

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