CREIS: Home Prices Soar in August

CREIS isn't recording a slowdown in housing yet. The 100-city survey recorded a 2.17 percent month-on-month increase in new home prices.

Cities leading the charge: Wuxi, up 6.76 percent and Zhuhai up 6.40 percent. Up more than 5 percent: Kunshan and Langfang. Foshan climbed 4.86 percent. Shanghai (perhaps driven by the divorce and buying restriction rumors) advanced 3.87 percent. Ten other cities saw new home prices increase more than 3 percent, including Nanjing. Hefei and Xiamen new home prices rose more than 2 percent, putting them in the second decile for the month.

CREIS 100 City Survey 2016年8月百城价格指数
Google Translated: August 2016 100 City Index

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