Final Trading Day for Delisted Xintai: Limit Up

Shares of Xintai will be delisted on August 23. By September 12, the Shenzhen Exchange will decide whether the shares will be suspended indefinitely. Some investors expect shares will trade again, or at least retain some value, as they traded limit up on August 22.
Sina: *欣泰:8月23日起停牌 证券简称变为欣泰电气

An article in Shanghai Securities News wars investors not to gamble on Xintai shares, arguing the government will make an example of the company:
"Investors are advised not to take chances." Securities chief analyst Gui Haoming Shenwan Hong source said:. "Regulators have repeatedly clear, Xintai Electric will be 'a retreat in the end', and in the future will not be re-listed, companies delisting will go to the third-board, liquidity is poor. In addition, despite the sponsor Xianxingpeifu, but the company still faces huge debt pressure, the extra debt should be deducted in the future of its net assets, and therefore can not simply its current net assets as a reference for investment."

...The industry believes that the Commission made it clear, once again proved its illegal for such major companies zero tolerance attitude. Xintai Electric executives resigned after another, the delisting is almost a certainty. The outgoing stock there is a huge risk, we recommend investors remain rational, avoid suffering.
WallSt.cn: 最后一个交易日 11亿资金在*欣泰刀口舔血

Balding in Bloomberg: Why No One Trusts China's Markets
When China's top securities regulator said recently that it plans to delist Dandong Xintai Electric Co. for falsifying initial public offering documents, it didn't grab many headlines. But it suggested some far-reaching changes may be afoot.

Xintai is the first company to be expelled from Shenzhen's ChiNext board for such an offense, and one of only a handful that have ever been delisted in China. Its expulsion suggests that regulators are facing up to some unfortunate truths about China's capital markets.

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