Shenzhen-HK Connect Moving Again

Reuters: China has set up special group to launch Shenzhen-HK stock connect
China's securities regulator recently set up a special work group tasked with launching the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect scheme, Chinese magazine Caixin reported on its website.

The group, headed by Fang Xinghai, vice chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), is responsible for coordinating efforts among various departments within the CSRC, relevant government bodies, as well as between Chinese and Hong Kong regulators, according to Caixin
But is the a Li Keqiang reform?

Possible target date is October.

iFeng: 深港通可能随时宣布 基本框架和模式上将参考沪港通
It is understood that HKEx's Stock Exchange from June 27 to test end-to-do Hong Kong and Shenzhen through billing interfaces, according to Hong Kong and Shanghai through experience, from the beginning was to officially launch the connection test required nearly three months, by the Shenzhen and Hong Kong through this great probability announced in August or September. Not long ago, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the Shenzhen Component Index on the Shenzhen company information, create small and GEM mean [ -0.81% ] number of constituent stocks of the adjustment, adjust the sample stocks on July 1 officially implemented, analysts believe that this is the "Shenzhen-Hong Kong pass "before opened, adjusted for the opening of the underlying results.

Ping An SecuritiesRecently released research report that the "Shenzhen-Hong Kong Link" is already imminent. Regulators hope that before the end of the opening of the "Shenzhen-Hong Kong." As the "Shenzhen-Hong Kong Link" from the opening to the approval of the preparation time required 2-3 months, it is expected to approve the "Shenzhen-Hong Kong" in the 8 - greater probability published in September. Chairman of the Hong Kong Securities Industry Association has said Miaoying Yuan, published in August through a large chance Shenzhen and Hong Kong, taking into account the time required for the preparatory work, expected as early as October, the official opening.

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