Xinhua Says Govt Will Target Financial Leverage to Cool Housing Market

iFeng: 新华社:降温政策频出对房地产市场影响几何
eporter survey found that the past six months, behind the land king's frequent transfusions of both the power of capital markets, but also the development of low-cost bank loans and other low costs investment funds "support." So, from the recent regulations of various localities and departments, reducing leverage has become an important means of cooling the market.

National Interest: New Report Details A Possible Big Threat to China's Economy: Massive Corporate Debt
By industry, the pattern that emerges highlights the importance of the real estate and construction industries, and particularly state firms in those industries, in driving the rise in corporate leverage. Outside the real estate and construction industries, state firms have, in net terms, actually subtracted from the increase in leverage. By comparison, in manufacturing and services, private firms have tended to contribute positively to the increase in total leverage.
If credit growth slows, the economy slows. Who will step up to borrow?

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