Bike Sharing Investment Scams Return

EO: “共享单车认购”庞氏骗局再现,涉案资金多达百万人民币
Economic Observer Online reporter Feng Qingyan intern reporter Zhao Wei recently, the WeChat friend circle "share bicycle subscription" scam has hit again, there have been many cases of scams in the country, involving funds of up to one million yuan.

According to CCTV reporters, the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau’s anti-telecom network fraud center pointed out that the highest peak in Shenzhen received more than 10 cases of the same type of fraud one day, involving as much as one million yuan.

It is reported that the fraud scheme adopted by the scam is: "Subscribing to a 880 yuan, returning 60 yuan per day, and pulling the head to reward 80 yuan", many victims are driven by the interests.

The "Legal Evening News" opinion program pointed out that the victim Wang was attracted by the advertisement of "shared bicycle subscription" and took the initiative to add a "supervisor" WeChat. The fraudulent party pulled the victim Wang into the "cycling partnership", Wang transferred 880 yuan to subscribe to a bicycle, and the next day can receive a daily return of 60 yuan. After the first taste of sweetness, Wang bought 7 bicycles, but after the transfer, he was blacked out by the “supervisor” and kicked out. It is reported that after the fraudsters defrauded the victims' money, they re-established a new group to be hooked by other victims.
A 7 percent daily return for renting bicycles. Although its referred to as a Ponzi since it uses what seems like a Ponzi model, there's no pretense of an investment beyond a couple of days. Once they have the victim's investment, they cut off contact.
In fact, not long ago, there was a scam about sharing bicycles, and the scam mode was similar. The fraudsters used the empty shell of "Small Honey Bicycle" to package themselves and defraud the victims' trust. The scam routine also has a subscription price of 880 yuan per vehicle. The daily income of each vehicle after the subscription is 60 yuan. There is no limit to the subscription, the more the subscription, the greater the return. Many netizens were deceived, and the quilt funds could not be recovered. The scam was reappeared. "There is no change of medicine for changing soup." There are still many victims "into the pit."

The police suggested that you should be cautious when you see the “consumer rebate” and the “recommendation of a circle of friends”.

With the popularity of the Internet, under the wave of the "Internet economy", many people choose to use the Internet to "make money", "lie down to make money" and "make a finger can make money" tempting words are common, but the public needs to be vigilant, Keep in mind that there is no free lunch in the world.

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