Fever Cooled? Housing Lottery Win Rate Reaches 90pc in Hangzhou

Caijing: 土拍遇冷新房中签率提高 楼市从卖方转向买方市场
However, just three months later, the property market in Hangzhou showed another scene: the rate of winning the lottery was generally higher, and the rate of winning the real estate was even as high as 90%, and the number of abandoned candidates was also increasing. In the land auction market, the reserve price There are more and more transactions.

The reporter noted that not only Hangzhou, but also the recent Nanjing property market is also playing a similar scene. There are indications that the property market in the two places is showing a “cooling down” trend. Then, if the soil auction is cold and the success rate is increased, does it mean that the real estate market is shifting from “seller market” to “buyer market”?
The "Daily Economic News" reporter noted that after the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting on July 31 to "reasonably guide expectations, rectify market order, and resolutely curb housing prices," the premium rate of Hangzhou's soil auction fell directly from 2 digits. Digits.

In July, Hangzhou successfully sold 31 plots of land, with 14 premiums reaching 2 digits, 13 of which had a premium rate of more than 20%, and the highest premium rate was a commercial land, reaching 66%; zero premium There are 11 cases. In August, as of August 28, Hangzhou successfully sold 24 land, 2 of which had a double-price premium rate, of which 1 was over 20%, the premium rate was 26%; 15 of the zero premium .

The comprehensive premium rate can also support the trend of “cooling down” the land. In July, the land sales revenue of Hangzhou was 57.3 billion yuan, and the comprehensive premium rate was 14%. In August, as of August 28, Hangzhou's land sales revenue was 22.6 billion yuan, and the comprehensive premium rate fell to 4%.

Not only is the land market cold, but the property market also shows signs of “cooling down”.

According to the "Daily Economic News" reporters are not completely combed, the current market in Hangzhou has more than 200 new homes for sale, and there are nearly 50 of them with a winning rate of more than 50%, of which the number of eligible houses is lower than the number of available houses without using the number. There are 20 projects. The winning rate is getting higher and higher.

The price of second-hand houses that can truly reflect the market price also showed a correction. According to the data of the third-party platform, a real estate located in Xiaoshan New Town has a listing price of about 36,000 yuan per square meter. Although it has risen nearly 20% from the beginning of the year, it has fallen by nearly 15% from May.

"Now the policy is becoming more and more strict, a large number of new discs are listed on the market, and the prices of second-hand houses in some sectors are loose. Many people think that the market is cooling, and they are no longer blindly involved in the shake-up as they just started in April. The thicker.” A local buyer in Hangzhou told the reporter of “Daily Economic News”, “I am also waiting to see if I have a chance to start again.”

The trend of “cooling down” in the property market in Hangzhou is not isolated, and another hot-spot second-tier city, Nanjing, is similar.

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