The Far Right Is The New Center

The default position for the establishment is open borders. Any rejection of mass migration is xenophobic and racist.

Some on the left are waking up to the problem of mass migration, but the standard line when referencing Europe is they don't assimilate foreigners as well as Americans. This is partially correct, but also wrong. Europe has serious problems because their migrants are largely Sunni Muslims. Europe has a bad history with Islam. Muslims become more radicalized living in Western countries (something that was also true in Andalusia 1000 years ago...those who fail to learn from history...). Migrants to the U.S. are largely Christian or have much smaller numbers and can't form a major ethnic, political and cultural bloc. Europe is having trouble first because of who migrated there, not because it has failed particularly poorly at integration.

An op-ed in the NYTimes makes the integration case for Sweden, that the problem is Swedish society didn't integrate migrants. The far-right is rising because of this failure.

NYTimes: How the Far Right Conquered Sweden
For decades, Sweden, once a racially and culturally homogeneous country with an expansive social welfare system, insisted that it could absorb large numbers of non-European migrants without considering how those migrants should be integrated into Swedish society.

As they did in cities across Western Europe, migrants tended to cluster in low-income neighborhoods; facing poor job prospects and rampant employment discrimination, they naturally turned inward. More young women have started wearing the hijab recently, Mr. Abdirahman tells me, and more young men “internalize the otherness” — rejected by their new society, they embrace the stereotypes imposed upon them. This can lead to a point where they reject gay rights or liberalism as “white, Western ideas,” and even attack firefighters because they represent the state.
The second paragraph could be written about more than one ethnic group in the United States. Word for word. Only change firefighters for police.

Diversity is not a strength, but a weakness. It is as flawed as communism because it makes as naive assumptions about human nature. Communists thought they could abolish selfishness (self-interest). Those promoting diversity either believe they can abolish tribalism (group self-interest) or in universalism and the Blank Slate, that all people are fundamentally the same. Identity politics is a direct result of mass migration, much of what people say is "wrong" about current politics in the West was as inevitable as a thrown ball falling to Earth.

The "far-right" (nationalist) will become the new center for natives. If the nationalists are winning elections, it signals natives still have self-determination. If the nationalists don't win elections (aren't rising) then it signals the country may already be beyond repair. It will suffer extreme partisanship because the traditional majority ethnic/racial/religious group cannot form a government and a majority of its citizens are already voting along racial/ethnic/religious lines.

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