China Establishes 10 Billion Yuan Rural Revitalization Fund

Yicai: 预计规模100亿,乡村振兴发展基金成立
On September 26, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the "Village Revitalization Strategic Plan (2018-2022)" to make specific arrangements for the implementation of the first five-year work of the rural revitalization strategy.

On the 27th, at the first Rural Revitalization and Development Forum held in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, Zhongmin Investment jointly established the Rural Revitalization Development Fund with Henan Agricultural Development Corporation and Zhongyuan Bank. The fund size is expected to reach 10 billion yuan.

The fund will invest in the neighboring plaza, promote the popularization of cold chain logistics service facilities and deep processing facilities for agricultural products, develop green agriculture projects and new business forms such as agricultural products entering the city.

Wang Tuanwei, vice president of China Minsheng Investment, said that in the rural revitalization development fund, the Chinese people accounted for 20%, and the state-owned agricultural policy investment and financing platform Henan Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. accounted for 20%, and the remaining 60% were held by institutional investors. . The fund will adopt the "national capital guidance, China-industry investment and investment" approach to guide financial capital to fully participate in the rural revitalization strategy and support the development of rural finance, industry, culture and education.

Zhongmin Investment will cooperate with a number of partners to create an innovative rural revitalization solution for “Online Farmers' Wealth Growth Digital Project + Offline Zhongmin Township Cultural Square”, relying on financial technology to serve “three rural” and help farmers achieve Wealth growth and consumption upgrades.

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