Coinpocalypse Lies Ahead

About three weeks ago I posted The Coinpocalypse.
There might be another stick save for the cryptocurrency market because every time it seems like Bitcoin will make the final backbreaking drop, someone steps in to prop it up. That said, with Bitcoin losing $6000 again and many charts already turning ugly, it looks like the "shitcoin" apocalypse is underway. Previously, many alt-coins would also hold above key support levels, but this time some alt-coins are in full collapse.
There was another stick save in Bitcoin and over the past two days it shed more than $1,000 and is headed back for a test of the $6,000 area. Bitcoin is important because it's the engine pulling the train. If Bitcoin loses $6,000 the bottom will drop out of everything. Technical analysis works because it based on human psychology. It works best in emotional markets filled with amateurs. Below the $6,000 level, everyone buying Bitcoin in the last 11 months will be underwater.
Ethereum is the weakest right now. It has a massive topping pattern and broke to a new 52-week low.
Ripple looks like it's ready for a waterfall decline.
A lot of cryptos look like Litecoin, off their lows but still in clear downtrends. They haven't broken to new lows yet, but if Bitcoin loses $6,000, there are going to be major losses of 50 percent or more in a lot of coins. Bitcoin might still rebound, and of course I could be wrong and it breaks out. But since technical analysis has been working well thus far, I suspect Bitcoin has at most 2 months before it gives up $6k.

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