CCTV Guests Downplay Surging Instant Noodle Sales

The consumer downgrade meme has struck a nerve in China, enough for official comment and a discussion on CCTV. The makers of Erguotou, a cheap baijiu, and zhacai, a kind of pickled vegetables, have seen their stock prices double. Profits are you 97 percant and 78 percent, respectively.

One analyst on the show said surging instant noodles sales are a sign of consumers upgrading.
The sales of Kangshifu Food reflects the trend and characteristics of consumption upgrading to a certain extent. In addition to the price factor, it also reflects the consumer's demand for convenient consumption. The increase, for the instant noodles of consumption itself, is also an increase in the consumption of medium and high-end categories. Moreover, foreign instant noodles are also entering the consumer market in large quantities, such as Japan, Italy, and other varieties and tastes, and the products have evolved from the original standardization to the more abundant categories.

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